Medical Aesthetics Laser Technician Training

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Dermapiderme’s Training Center offers highly specialized laser treatment training courses for individuals who wish to advance toward a career in modern medical laser aesthetics. We provide knowledge and skills in the basic fundamentals of laser operation, clinical applications and promote a practical understanding of laser safety. You will learn to operate high-tech, laser equipment in use today within the medical aesthetics practice.  Our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality laser training available.

We’ve developed a comprehensive program with a wide range of training in subjects such as laser safety, hair removal, pigment removal, vascular reduction and facial rejuvenation. Our classes are located within a laser clinic setting, providing for real-life practice and we limit the number of trainees allowing for proper attention to each technician.

The main objective of our highly experienced staff is to assist each student in realizing their full potential in the laser industry, allowing them to meet their career goals and to set them on their way to a new or expanded career. Most importantly, we work with you, our trainee, individually to make sure that specific training needs and requirements are met.

What is a laser technician and where can they work?

Skilled laser technicians are in demand in a wide range of aesthetic services environments.  In medical clinics – they work with medical doctors such as dermatologists and plastic surgeons.  In medical spas – they can work independently or with other aesthetics specialists.  Within their own business – learning the trade can provide an opportunity for growth by integrating their specialized practical knowledge and skills.  Some beauty spas also offer common, basic treatments such as hair removal, providing yet another opportunity for employment.

Regardless of the working environment, medical lasers are advanced technological devices that must be well understood and handled.  In fact, they can be harmful if not used properly. That is why we’ve designed a comprehensive curriculum of courses to include a wide range of treatments such as hair removal, pigment removal, vascular repair, facial rejuvenation…
At Dermapiderme your training will promote a complete understanding of relevant theory and the acquisition of practical skills needed today.

Who can attend our courses?

Our courses cater to experienced (or diploma) aestheticians, electrolysists, nurses as well as other medical professionals who wish to gain knowledge and practical experience in one or many laser skills and techniques.

The Dermapiderme continuing education certificate provides evidence that you have successfully gained additional knowledge and practical experience, elevating your status in the field of aesthetics lasers and/or IPL devices.  Our courses are developed with particular attention to solid practices in laser safety.

Classes are available in French and in English, depending on the demand.

How long does my course last?

Our course is 60 hours, over 7 consecutive days – and includes 2 full days of theoretical training as well as 5 days of hands-on practical experience in the treatment room.

Each trainee is responsible for their own compliance with local/regional rules and regulations as well as qualifications for insurance, where applicable.

What supplies should I bring?

Dermapiderme will provide the course manuals. All you will need is your notebook, pen (or tablet…) and white coat (lab-coat type) that you’ll have to wear during the training.

What does the Dermapiderme certification provide?

Certification is a private matter, issued by a private organization and provides employers, clients, and peers with more information and confidence about the certified practitioner.  The Dermapiderme certificate confirms that you have completed a training course and met the criteria for certification; it is a statement of qualification.

The Dermapiderme courses are structured to comply with education and training standards as recommended by the industry in Canada and may be necessary for clinics and with physicians who require formal training as a pre-requisite for employment or promotion.

With the certification, you may demonstrate a level of competency equal to or greater than others in the field.

The certification is an important milestone in your career or professional evolution.  It demonstrates your intentions of moving forward and provides proof of newly acquired knowledge and practical skills.  Upon request, we will help you build your resumé, showcasing your skills and experience, for soliciting work in various environments.