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After much research, I decided to take my laser hair removal courses at Dermapiderme.  It was definitely the right choice. Lilia was an excellent teacher who really cares about how you are learning and making sure you leave with all the knowledge needed to pursue laser hair removal professionally. Also, coming from a medical background from another country, I found the clinic to be very clean and professional.

I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to learn laser hair removal to have their training at Dermapiderme.


I had the opportunity to attend to Dermapiderme November 2014 training and  I really  enjoy every minute  of it. The training tutors really mastered the contents of the course, I didn’t think I will love physics that much. The course was very well structured, excellent presentation and they took the time to make you feel comfortable to go through all the aspects in a very comprehensive way and lots of practice.

I will definitely go there for other training. Thank you Dermapiderme.


If you are thinking about becoming a technician in hair removal laser, Dermapiderme is the place to be.
I got my laser technician certificate with specialisation in hair removal a few months ago and I can assure you will find all theoretical and practical requirements in Dermapiderme’s training, to become a professional laser technician.

Dear Lilia and Dermapiderme team, thank you for all your help, patience and support.


Dermapiderme , I am so happy to have registered at your school for the laser hair removal course.  I called many places offering laser courses but none of them were qualified to give a [certificate].
I finally found Dermapiderme and met with Lilia, she explained what would be covered in the course outline she was so pleasant that I knew right then that I had found the right school.  The academy is very professional, clean, organized and [the training team] is amazing!!!

Time has passed since I finished the classes and I still call or email Lilia to ask her questions or advice, she is always happy to hear from me and she is always helpful.

So students if you are looking for an academy for laser hair removal don’t hesitate you will not be disappointed!
Thank you once again, Dermapiderme.


I’m  a clinical aesthetician and I took my laser training at Dermapiderme Laser Academy.  This training  was very helpful for  me because I had no knowledge in physics.  I learned some basic physics which is important to know if you want to be a good laser technician.  Lilia was very patient with me and explain things to me in the way I learn.

Thank you Dermapiderme.



I received a laser treatment for the first time in my life at Dermapiderme.  The result is great and Lilia was very patient.  She explained everything before starting treatment, which allowed me to understand the process . I really enjoyed the service, Lilia is very competent and formidable .

I highly recommend Dermapiderme.


After 25 years of shaving  my back, I made a decision enough was enough. I went to Dermapiderme for a consultation.  There I met Lilia.  She explained the process and the sessions would be over a period a year.  From the first session to the very last session, Lilia demonstrated a lot professionalism.  She was always attentive, honest, reassuring. Another thing that I recognize from the beginning is that there is no waiting when you arrive. She always punctual.

Now after finishing the treatments, I am able to wear clothing’s that normally wear. Before my treatments I wasn’t able to wear T-Shirt without having hair that would grow through the garment.  I find it amazing now. No more shaving my back.  I would without a doubt recommend Dermapiderme.  If you have the pleasure to meet Lilia, you will not be disappointed.
Thank you so much Lilia


My first laser experience.  Lilia was very patient; she took the time to explain what she was doing and why.  She proceeded gently, and with care on my sensitive skin. My complexion is now clearer and my spots almost completely gone.  With Lilia, we feel in good hands; she only provides what is required, there are no useless or unnecessary treatments.  I will definitely return for a little touch up in the spring. Lilia thank you !


I have been doing a laser hair removal treatment at Clinique Dermapiderme and I just want to tell you that it is the best!  The clinic is very nice and clean and Ms. Raponica is just very kind, patient and professional.  I personally recommend Clinique Demapiderme and Ms. Raponica without any hesitation.  I am so far a very satisfied customer who will go back there for any other treatment I need and they provide.


Before coming to your Dermapiderme Clinic I had lived with rosacea for years.  In spite of the daily application of prescription creams, the condition had continued to get worse.  As a hereditary condition it has been in my family for years.  I am the first to have it treated using laser and I love the results.
Thank you again for helping me minimise the rosacea that had been covering my face.  Your patient and caring laser treatments have achieved pretty incredible results.  When I look at the before and after photos I now wonder why I waited so long.
Your professional, sensitive, and reassuring care made the treatments much less intimidating.  When you start laser for the first time you never really know what to expect.  Luckily, with you the sessions turned out to be a positive experience; as you know: the laser is only as effective as the talent of the person using the machine.
The discomfort was minimal and the results exceeded my expectations.  The laser even helped to minimalize the flushing.  People who know me have noticed how well I look without being able to identify the source.  The transformation is entirely due to your talent with a laser.
I am totally happy with the Dermapiderme Clinic, the laser experience and the results.  I will definitely refer you to everyone I know!
Thank you again for the new beginning.



Thank you! Thank you! Lilia thank you!

Over the past 10 years, before meeting Lilia at Dermapiderme, I tried to remove the hair that covered my whole body.  I met many IPL and laser specialists but the treatment was always unsuccessful.

Meeting Lilia has finally allowed me to raise my self-esteem.  Within only a few months, the results are clear.

Lilia has excellent, comprehensive knowledge.  She customizes each successive treatment very well and always explains what she is doing. Her constant exchange and sharing of her knowledge has greatly reassured me about the process of the laser.  In addition, I find that not only my hair is finally gone, but my skin is tightened by the laser treatment!

Lilia, thank you for crossing my path


Lilia is an artisan.  I chose her institute because it is a professional laser training academy and a laser clinic that performs care.   In addition to her diplomas, Lilia has the experience and education necessary to inform and reassure patients not familiar with this type of care.  She is skilled with her lasers and knows how to apply the right setting to the patient’s skin.  I had many questions and apprehensions, especially since I have sensitive skin, but Lilia took the time to properly explain the treatment and knew how to progress gradually.   Finally, the clinic is clean, bright and welcoming; and the kindness of its owner makes each visit a pleasant experience.  I highly recommend Dermapiderme for anyone wishing to consider laser treatments.


I am from Switzerland and I travel frequently to Montreal. Through a friend of mine I got to know Lilia and her Dermapiderme -Business. Since I always had these lines around nose and cheeks, called couperose (with telangiectasia), I decided to have my first treatment about 2 months ago and 2 more ever since. I have to say  I was very pleased after the first treatment and I am ever since. The cuperose is clearly diminished and the vessels do not appear as big and clear as they were. I am looking forward to have my fourth treatment.  Lilia is very professional and explains whatever she does, I mean a face is a very delicate part of your body so you have to be sure being in good and knowing hands.  Thank you, Lilia.


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Je voudrais remercier Lilia pour son professionalisme et son perfectionisme quant aux soins au laser qu’elle prodigue.  Je suis très satisfait des résultats du visage et je vais continuer mes traitements de suivi sur une base régulière.

Merci encore Lilia pour ta gentilesse et tes conseils empreints de bienveillance.


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