NEW: We accept a maximum of 2 trainees per course to ensure a proper grasp of the theory and practice

MEDICAL AESTHETICS LASER TECHNICIAN – with a concentration in vascular, pigmentation, hair removal, and photofacial treatments

Intensive 7-day program, with Dermapiderme certificate of qualification upon successful completion. This course covers a wide range of topics, from general laser properties through hair removal in the treatment room.

Upon completion of this course, the trainee will understand the basic principles of laser theory, apply proper safety procedures, and be competent in the use of medical aesthetics lasers and IPLs related to hair reduction and removal.

– Understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum, laser theory, and history of lasers
– Laser equipment classification, identification of risks and application of safety practices in accordance with relevant industry standards
– Lasers used in medical aesthetics, with a focus on hair removal devices
– Laser equipment care
– Medical aesthetics laser clinic environments
– Primary aesthetics treatments and their benefits

– Overview of skin anatomy and physiology
– Laser light absorption and skin-tissue interaction
– Common treatable skin conditions
– Secondary or side-effects and care
– Client or patient consultation, screening, and selection
– Documentation requirements

– Review of day 1 and 2 with application in the treatment room
– Practical sessions with application of theory, on real clients, with 1 technology used in laser hair removal/reduction and dermatological clinics

– Client treatment best practices including pre and post-treatment care, contraindications and side effects
– Practical sessions with application of theory, on real clients, with a 2nd technology used in laser hair removal/reduction and dermatological clinics
– Review and practical application of documentation requirements

DAY 5 to 7
– Practical sessions with application of theory, on real clients, with a focus on vascular, pigmentation and photofacial treatments

– Final review, examination and certification

–       Training textbook
–       Certificate with statement of qualification upon successful completion

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(4 hours theory)

4-hour seminar, with Dermapiderme certificate of completion upon successful completion.

The subjects covered are:
– Laser physics and history of lasers through today’s applications in medical aesthetics
– Laser safety practices structured to comply with CAN/CSA and ANSI standards
– Laser equipment classification, with a focus on medical aesthetics lasers
– Laser equipment operation and maintenance

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