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Certificates of Laser Training. How do I get certified?  This is one of the most frequent questions we hear.  What people really want to know is how they obtain proper permission or authorization to perform aesthetic laser procedures as a non-physician, and that usually means a certificate of training.  Certification is a credential that recognizes a high degree of academic knowledge and practical experience in your field of expertise.  Training certificates document your successful completion of a program.

Our training practice offers continuing education in laser and IPL care for individuals who already have a diploma in nursing/aesthetics/electrolysis, and who wish to move forward in their career as a skilled medical laser aesthetics technician.  Providing laser and IPL treatments, more specifically non-ablative procedures, is a common practice by non-physicians.  Such treatments include laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, small vessel vascular conditions (telangiectasia, spider veins, etc ), and pigmented lesions (sun spots, age spots).  Every component of the training program is designed to promote the development of each, individual technician.  We take particular care to ensure that our classes stay small in the number of trainees and that every student feels comfortable within the group.

It is however important that trainees understand their own regulatory requirements for such procedures as these vary widely from region to region.

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Science and Skin with Laser Treatments. The Dermapiderme focus is the science and art of laser and IPL treatment and depends on a thorough knowledge of skin physiology and lightwave dynamics.  We strive to customize treatments for clients that struggle with various aesthetic conditions.

Rosacea/Telangiectasia/ Poïkiloderma Civata/ Nasal veins/ Spider Leg Veins/ Venous Lake – vascular conditions are different for each individual, so you need to discuss all your symptoms with your medical doctor prior to any laser or IPL treatments.

Lentigo or Sun spots – there are several kids of lentigo, and are usually diagnosed clinically by their typical appearance, or with a biopsy.  The treatments in our clinic are strictly for Solar-Lentigo produced by the sun.

Hair removal, or more precisely hair reduction is a procedure that uses a concentrated beam of laser light which is converted to heat targeting the the root of the hair, ultimately changing its physical nature and making it invisible to the eye.  This is done with no long term damage to the surrounding skin.   At Dermapiderme we treat all types of skin, from very light to very dark (Fitzpatrick skin types 1 to 6).

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 All of our personnel is certified and experienced in their field of expertise.  Trainees include a laser technician, a physicist, and an engineer.

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We handle all personal issues with complete confidentiality, in our treatments and in our training.